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Before fully embarking on illustration Rodrigue studied to become a documentary photographer. Already at that time, the artist was attracted to marginal figures: "I happened to hang out in bars at night with the sole purpose of meeting people who intrigued me. Once the feeling was there, I asked them if I could take a picture of them. It was a way of keeping track of those people I admired for their lifestyle, their clothes, their stories ... "


Rodrigue then moved to India as well as in Barcelona and Berlin to continue his artistic approach. Tired of not having enough freedom with photography, some time later Rodrigue made the decision to return to devote himself to his first passion: drawing and street art. 

He started drawing the personalties that he photographed and added stories to them and that's where the adventure starts.

Since then Rodrigue has worked for clients such as Red Bull, Inglewood Burgers, Tanguy Nef, Dynoptic, Editions Favre and Les Brasseurs to name a few.


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